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Photos from Entertainment Weekly Radio’s Town Hall with your favorite Oscars host.

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior?
No, but I love his work.

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Good Morning America: Neil Patrick Harris Had ‘No Idea’ He Was Up for Oscars Hosting Gig 10/17/2014 (x)

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Neil Patrick Harris Talks About Being Named Host of the Oscars
& Possible Music Collaborations for the Oscars
10/16/2014 EW on SiriusXM Radio

“I don’t want them to be super derivative of other shows that I’ve done. I don’t want it to seem like I’m doing the same award hosting gig that I did on the Tonys, just now on a different stage. And I think they don’t want that, either … It’s the biggest sandbox in the world. If you say, “I think that I should do a thing with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.” Because it’s the Oscars, do they say yes? Because they would say no for the Tonys … I want to also just make sure that it’s a classy event. I’ve always loved the Oscars and have great respect for its history, and the gowns, and the classiness of it. And I loved Johnny Carson and Billy Crystal and honoring the gravity of it without getting heavy and boring. And I have no idea how to balance that, but that’s going to be the task ahead.”


Neil Patrick Harris bumped into actress Laverne Cox at SiriusXM 10/16/2014

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NY Times Interview with Neil Patrick Harris



Neil Patrick Harris: By the Book

The author of “Choose Your Own Autobiography” loved “Gone Girl”: “I devoured the acknowledgments, the book cover flaps, the ISBN, you name it. If it had been like a DVD, I could have read the ‘making of’ the writing of the book. I was that into it.”

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